Yoga For Weight Loss, weight loss yoga adsana

Yoga For Weight Loss In today's routine, it is very important to focus on our body .Because in today's time there is not enough time for people to pay attention for them selves, Due to which weight problem has become common. The problem of weight can be controlled through yoga, there are many such postures which help in reducing weight.Yoga makes us strong both physically and mentally which gives us energy to live a good life.For healthy life, we should include yoga in our daily routine.In this article we will talk about some such postures that help in reducing body weight, If we talk about yoga, then it is much better than other ways to lose weight. Due to excess weight, there is also difficulty in walking, along with this, it is also a cause of other diseases.

So let's see about some yogasanas which help in reducing weight. which is many types of yogasana postures is as follow

Yoga For Weight Loss Surya Namaskar Yogasus is very beneficial for weight loss because 12 Asanas are done simultaneously in it. This asana is beneficial for the whole body because this asana effects in every part of the body. Surya Namaskar asan can also be called full body exercise ,Initially do this two or three times, then you can increase it.  Surya Namaskar yoga asana is very beneficial in weight loss, so this yoga asana should be done daily.
Surya Namaskar Yogasana is a mixture of many asanas which are performed simultaneously. This asana is considered to be the best in all yog asana, it simultaneously destroys many body problems. And also helps in weight loss effectively .

Tadasana -

Yoga For Weight Loss

Tadasana is one of the major asana that help the body maintain, Performing this asana stretches the entire body. Best for reducing abdominal fat and maintaining normal blood effects for entire body, Performing this asana gives good body shape.

Let us know how to do this asana and what is the correct method of doing it.

First you feel relax your self
Stand up and keep your feet, neck, waist, arms straight.
With both hands folded upwards, breathe lightly and stretch the whole body.
Push your heel and give full body weight on the paws.
Stay in this state for a few seconds
Stay in this state for a few seconds


This yogasana increased the energy in entire body. By doing this Yogasan, the fat of the stomach gradually decreases. If boys under the age of 18 years do this Yogasana, then their height increases. It is beneficial for the muscles and nerves of the whole body.

Precaution -

Pregnant women and high blood pressure patients should not do this yoga.

Bhujangasana -

Bhujangasana is one of the major Asano in which the mouth is raised like a snake, hence its name is Bhujang Asana. By doing this asana, the chest and muscles are flexible, it relieves back pain and stomach problem.It removes the tension in the waist and keeps the body healthy.

The correct method of doing this asana is as follows -

Sleep on the ground next to the stomach, then keep your feet and foreheads absolutely straight.
Keep the pair straight and keep both hands in line with your shoulder.
Keep both elbows very close.
Taking the support of both hands, lift the foreheads upwards, after this, chest then lift the stomach lightly.
Pressing your waist down and applying your hand and looking at your head towards the sky.
Keep your hand in the line of ear, do not remove it, and keep your hand straight.
Keep your legs straight but asana do not try to force too much.
Slowly bring the stomach first after this the chest and then head on the ground.

Benefits of Bhujangasana-

this asana gives strength to shoulder and arms.
It also removes stomach problem and helps in reducing excess abdominal fat.
Asana makes the spine flexible and the whole body fit and tight.
This asana transmits energy in the whole body.

Precaution -

This should not be done by pregnant women and those who have pain in their hands also should not do it.
If your spinal bone has a weak and the other bones are weak, then it should not be done.
If you have any type of operation in your stomach, do not do this asana.


Yoga For Weight Loss

Why this is called padhastasana because pad means legs and hast means hand, so this is called padhastasana.  

How to do -

Keep the both legs together and stand up straight and raise the both hands upwards.
Bending forward and both palms near the legs paws ,foot should not be bend and keep legs straight.
And bring your heads to the knee
Hold the breath in this position, then after a few seconds, slowly exhale, and lift the back lightly and try it in its correct state.
You can do this action 4 to 5 times.

Benefits -

This asana creates a stretch in the waist and thigh, thereby get stronger the thighs.
This asana reduces abdominal fat and also removes excess fat from thighs.
This asana strong digestion and relieves constipation acidity.

precaution -

If you have pain in your back do not perform this asana .
Pregnant women should not do this asana.


This is a oldest asana, in which the body is made of the shape of dhanush, so it is called dhanush asana.

How to dhanurasana-

In this asana ,lie down beside your stomach and hold your ankles by hand and lift the head upwards.
Bring your legs up to the waist and lift the chest up lightly breathing.
Now your whole body becomes like a dhanush.
After this, take deep breath and try in that state
This asana can be practiced 4 to 5 times, can not to do many more times.


If you have a back pain then  do not do this asana. 
Pregnant women should not do this yogasana.
If back bones are weak then do not do dhanuasana.