Guava Benefits for health

Guava benefits Eating guava is very beneficial in terms of health. Guava is easily found anywhere in any country, especially its cultivation in India, many such nutrients are found in it. Which is much more beneficial in for health. It is found in plenty of vitamin C, in addition to potassium phosphorus, fiber. It is mildly sweet to eat as far as health is concerned, there are many such benefits which give us physical strength. 
 It is also found to have antioxidant which helps to increase immunity. It gives strength in fighting diseases, it is a fruit with many properties. 
 Guava fruit is also used along with its leaves which provide us protection. Therefore, we should consume guava, it is very beneficial in terms of health, it appears yellow color and white color is seen when cutting inside. Guava benefits 
But there are some species in it which are red in color, 

Good For Skin -

The use of guava can prove to be dull for our skin. It is found in plenty of antioxidants, which eliminates wrinkles in our skin. Apart from this, it also helps in removing the problem of skin. Guava contains anti-oxidant as well as vitamin C, which gives us beautiful and healthy skin, it also helps in tightening our skin, so we should consume guava. 

For Menstrual In Women-

Guava benefits Women also benefit from eating guava in menstruation. Because many elements are found in it, which reduces the suffering during the time of pandemic. There are many problems that women face during menstruation, such as backache, abdominal pain, dizziness, and always sluggishness. {1]
 It has also been proved in many researches that eating guava can reduce problem the menstrual in women to some extent. To prove this, scientists have found in research that the women who were fed the fruit of guava were relieved in this problem, so the use of guava can prove to be dull to relieve the pain during menstruation.  

Beneficial in cancer-

Consuming guava can also prove to be good for preventing cancer. Because it contains some such properties, which are necessary for the prevention of cancer. It contains antioxidants and vitamin C, vitamin A which helps in preventing cancer from growing.Guava benefits Also helps in the creation of our new cells. Apart from this, it helps to prevent those cells which are bad.
 Cancer is a very fatal disease, which can be avoided by avoiding it in today's time, so consuming guava can prove beneficial. 

problem of constipation-

Guava benefits It also helps to overcome constipation problem. Some such elements are found inside guava, which act to solve the problem of constipation, fiber is found in it. Which play an important role in relieving constipation problem. If you have constipation problem, consume guava regularly. With this, you will get relief from constipation problem and your stomach will also be completely clean. Helps to overcome constipation as well as acidity and indigestion problems. 
Guava is a good option to overcome any stomach problem, and is completely natural as well 

 Problem Of Gas And Indigestion-

Consuming guava also eliminates gas and indigestion problems. If you have problems with gas and indigestion, then guava should be consumed. 
Consuming guava completely cleanses the stomach. Due to which the food is easily punched. The problem of gas and indigestion also goes away, apart from this, it is also common to have raw belching in case of indigestion problem. To overcome all these problems, consuming guava on an empty stomach will relieve you from the problem of gas indigestion, it is also very beneficial in health terms. 

Guava For eyesight -

It is beneficial to consume it for eyesight. Nowadays, we have more pressure on our eyes due to the use of news paper, mobile, TV. Which affects our eyesight. Therefore guava should be consumed to keep it healthy in natural way, although guava is a seasonal fruit. But whenever available in the market, it must be consumed for health benefits, vitamin A is also found in it, Guava benefits which is necessary for eyesight. Its regular intake can keep the eyesight correct.

Good For Increase immunity - 

Today's time, many types of diseases are present in our body. To avoid this, it is necessary to remain strong in immunity. When your immunity is strong then any type of disease cannot enter your body easily. Guava is also a good option to increase immunity because guava contains plenty of antioxidants, vitamin C.
Which plays an important role in strengthening the immunity power of our body. Therefore to strengthen immunity, guava can be consumed. 

For lose weight -

 Guava benefits It is also for reducing weight. Now a days weight gain is a common problem. Your diet also plays an important role to overcome this problem. If you are over weight, you can consume guava. It also helps in maintaining the normal metabolism of our body, besides it contains fiber. Because of which weight can be controlled, so those who have more weight can also include guava in their diet. Its intake is helpful in preventing increasing weight.

Beneficial for the brain -

Consuming guava is also beneficial for the brain. Because many such elements are found in it, which play an important role for our brain to function smoothly. 
Due to its antioxidant properties, it helps in keeping our body especially mind balanced and normal. It also helps to stop the cysts of cells in our brain, due to which the problems of the brain and this death power remain strong,
so you can also consume it to keep your brain fresh.

 Good for cold - 

guava can prove to be dull for winter cold. If you have a cold. Or if there is a phlegm problem, guava intake can be beneficial. Also guava leaves can be used. This fact has been proved in many researches. If you have a cough in your throat then eat fresh guava fruit. It cures the entire cough and relieves infection due to vitamin C in it. 
Beneficial for the heart -

beneficial for the Consuming it can beneficial for the heart. Because it contains such elements, which protect our heart. It is found in plenty in antioxidants, which help to keep our heart muscles healthy. Due to which blood circulation in the blood arteries in our heart remains normal. Due to which our heart works well.(1) (2)
Apart from this, it also helps to keep our cholesterol levels normal. Because of which there is no pressure on our heart, therefore, the consumption of guava is useful.

Problem of dysentery -

 Guava benefits It also works effectively to overcome the problem of dysentery. Its leaves can be consumed along with guava. If you have dysentery then you can take guava leaves. You will get relief from this, this thing has been proved in many researches, besides guava fruit, its leaves have the same quality. Its leaves act like natural medicine in dysentery, it acts as medicine for all stomach disorders.

 Reduce the age effect -

If the effect of age is visible on your face or your skin has wrinkles. So, guava can be improved on your face. Because it has anti-aging properties that make our skin beautiful and radiant.

Consuming them regularly causes constriction in our skin. Guava benefits Due to which the skin looks beautiful, it is found in plenty of antioxidants, which plays an important role in keeping the skin beautiful.

Side effects Of guava -

 Although there are no losses of guava, but there can also be taken over everything needed, causing health problems, so taking more than the Guava needs can be harmful. 
Breastfeeding women should not consume this much. Otherwise, problems may arise,
those people who are allergic after eating guava should consult the doctor, such people should not consume guava without consulting them.

Conclusion -

Through this article, we talked about guava. That's how guava is beneficial for our health. Guava is a very beneficial fruit that gives us health.

There are many problems due to its consumption which can help in keeping us physically correct.

Guava contains antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber and many other nutrients which take care of our health.

Guava is a very tasty and sweet fruit, which is excellent in food, we feel good after eating it. There are many problems that help us to avoid them. These mainly include the skin; Eye light, heart, stomach, and brain are predominantly.   
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